Waste Management: What is Waste?

Mineral Deposit RemoverWaste or waste products can be…er…subjective. Who determines what waste is? Who makes the decision that waste products are, indeed, extraneous unwanted materials? Some people find more use in some things than in others. For example, a compost man may look at ordinary trash and see the biodegradability potential in it (even if it doesn’t seem to be there) and a woman can look at a piece of cloth on the street and see the potential for a beautiful gown if it is cleaned up and sewn properly. What exactly is waste?

There are so many ways to use and reuse what we have that it seems almost impossible to not take advantage of some of these things. Sometimes, home owners and businesses have their gray water (non-toilet waste water) feed their garden, landscaping, plants and animals. Sometimes, people regularly visit trash sites to find things to fix up, repair and sell or to use for their own personal use. A lot of people take standard issue items from the store and customize them to make something which is truly and uniquely theirs.

Waste management means making the most out of waste or wasted products from other people. True waste management means seeing everything as useful in some other process. Even if it is a decaying process, like compost, be sure and look at everything around, both good and bad, as something which when thrown away still contributes to the good of society.

How often does the above scenario happen with chemicals?

Do we not all enjoy using chemicals and then throwing them away, eagerly and quickly flushing them down our drains, hoping that there is not any residue left? Why is this? It is because we do not always use eco friendly industrial liquid like sanitiser, radiator cleaner, laundry powder, and liquid hand soap, among many others which are provided by Envirosafe Solutions. Here in Australia, we need to be able to think about our chemicals past the drains in our facilities. We need to be able to think about exactly how much environmental protection or responsibility we are giving the planet once we wash those chemicals away. To place your order, call Envirosafe Solutions today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.