Why is Texas Wind the Highest Paid?

Marine Glass CleanerThe idea that wind could be paid money sounds, of course, ridiculous. Of course, we are talking about the wind energy companies in Texas which are the biggest in the world. Now, Texas, which is located in the United States, is a mostly Republican state with strong conservative values and, except for its state capital, not a vast majority of people who are eco friendly and green. However, Texas became global competitor in oil around the turn of the century and the stereotypical Texas oil tycoon became one of the many stereotypes associated with Texas. One might even argue that Texas has the two biggest wind farms in the world, not because of interest in preserving global sustainability, but purely based upon monetary profit.

Now, that is an interesting way to look at the energy crisis which the rising global population is making very real. Perhaps our reasons should not be based upon saving the human race. The human race, after all, doesn’t feel particularly threatened at this point and one suspects that if things get to the point of actually feeling or seeming bad, humans will rise up as one and immediately find ways to fix ecological problems.

Necessity is the mother of invention.

However, monetary profit is one of the most overriding needs that people base their actions upon. For instance, are you more likely to carefully and thoroughly harvest your vegetable garden because of your thoughts about how sustainable you are living, or will you do so based upon thoughts involving cooking your fresh vegetables, having extra groceries this week, and perhaps saving on grocery bills this month?

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