Top emitters to bear brunt of Carbon Tax

The federal Climate Change Minister has hinted that the top fifty emissions-intensive companies in Australia will pay the majority of the government’s proposed carbon tax.

In a speech to the National Press Club on April 13, Greg Combet suggested that roughly two thirds of the carbon tax revenue would come from the fifty biggest emitters in Australia, such as electricity generators, miners, metal producers and airlines.

“When you exclude sectors that will not be covered by the carbon price, the 50 largest polluters will be responsible for around two-thirds of carbon liabilities,” Mr Combet said.

Yet Mr. Combet was quick to reiterate that the government will be providing substantial assistance to big emitters in trade exposed industries.

The speech comes as the government tries to ease fears of rising household bills and demonstrate that big business will be shouldering the majority of the carbon tax burden, rather than Australian families.

As the federal government works feverishly to sell its carbon tax, independent MP Tony Windsor – whose vote will be crucial to pass the legislation in the minority parliament – has warned that he may not support the proposal if the government cannot provide more details on the tax.