The Power of Orange Oil

Few people appreciate the wide-ranging powers of citrus fruits. The humble orange is more than a tasty snack; it’s the source of one of nature’s most powerful and versatile tools: Orange Oil. The sheer multitude of uses for this essential oil is staggering. It’s a key ingredient in anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant and anti-spasmodic drugs. It’s a disinfectant, a degreaser and a paint stripper. It’s even been suggested that Orange Oil has mild aphrodisiac qualities.[1] In short, it’s the superman of citrus oils.

Most of us know the pain of trying to clean up sticky stuff. Whether it’s chewing gum in the carpet, old glue marks on the wall, or a grease-laden engine part, there’s nearly always a huge amount of scrubbing and frustration involved. If you’ve never tried an orange oil product to assist with this type of cleaning, prepare to be amazed. Orange oil chemically reacts with other oils, in grease, paint, chewing gum and so on, causing these products to break down and wash away with ease.[2] It’s really quite incredible that such potent cleaning power can be found inside a piece of fruit.

And it doesn’t even stop there. Got an ant infestation problem in the house or office? Orange Oil will sort that out for you. Limonene, the active ingredient in Orange Oil, is a highly effective natural pesticide. It can kill entire colonies of ants without posing the slightest bit of dangers to humans. Limonene is also widely used as a mosquito repellent and a termite control solution.[3] Investing in an orange oil treatment may buy your wooden furniture years of extra life.

Yet another beauty of orange oil is the ease with which it’s produced. It’s readily available in orange peels and doesn’t require a high-tech extraction process. Getting the oil out of oranges and into usable products is a simple and low impact procedure, meaning using orange oil products is all benefit with next to no cost.

Orange Oil is a perfect example of our philosophy at Envirosafe Solutions: that for every harsh and toxic chemical that we use in our day to day lives, there is a clean, safe and equally effective alternative to be found in nature. Our mission is to find these natural alternatives and develop them into safe and effective industrial cleaning products. Because the power of nature is simply too great to ignore.