Trucking in Harmony with the Environment

Soil WettaThe invention of the internal combustion engine was a revolution that really set the wheels in motion. Today we cannot imagine life without our personal vehicle. Also, we take for granted the conveyance of goods through the arterial network of roads. But with the good comes also the not-so-good. Engine emissions have become a majorsource of environmental pollution. While we strive for greener alternative fuels, the least that we can do is to use green technology to mitigate the effect of emissions on our fragile eco-system.

To this end, we at Envirosafe Solutions have put together an array of products applicable to automobiles of all types. We have created Extreme Green cleaners, radiator fluids and fuel treatments. All the while our focus has been on extreme eco-friendliness.

Our Extreme Green Truck wash is an extremely versatile machine cleaner. It very effectively cleans trucks, cars, 4wd’s, buses and farm machinery, and for that matter, anything that has ingrained dirt and grease. This highly concentrated solution is up to the toughest of tasks. While quick acting, it also provides a pleasant finish without any after-clean smears, stains or smudges, even on painted surfaces. Truck Wash is easy to use and is fully biodegradable.

Another important factor in controlling engine emissions is the proper functioning of the radiator. The radiator has a single but vital task: to keep the engine cool. An improperly functioning radiator has a cascading effect and your maintenance cost will likely spiral out of control.

Radiator fluids have long been synonymous with poison, so it is one of the first areas that demands a safe and green alternative. Envirosafe Solutions has produced two revolutionary green alternatives: the radiator cleaner and the radiator coolant. Of course, both products are completely biodegradable. The Extreme Green Radiator Cleaner has a specially designed flushing agent. It is a heavy duty natural acid, fast acting and highly effective. It removes rust and scale while being inert to metal. In fact, metals treated with the Extreme Green Radiator Cleaner can be safely cut and welded without posing any hazard to the operator.

The Extreme Green Radiator Coolant is an Organic Acid Technology (OAT) based. It is a specially formulated blend of organic acids that provide excellent protection to the metallic walls of the radiator. This very effective yet eco-friendly solution meets all the internationalperformance specifications.

In the engine itself where the combustion takes place, the fuel quality is of prime importance. A clean fuel reduces emissions and the maintenance cost. Envirosafe Solutions offers targeted fuel treatment options for the optimal performance and long-lasting protection of the engine. The Extreme Green Diesel Bug cleaner completely absorbs the water thus eliminating the survival environment of the diesel bug. As a consequence, the diesel bug dies, gets dissolved in the fuel, and is harmlessly burnt in the combustion chamber.

Finally, our Extreme Green Fuel Conditioner is a revolutionary new multi-function fuel conditioner that works well on all types of fuels and in all types of vehicles. This product removes water from the fuel, resulting in reduced emissions and maintenance costs. It also cleans the internal parts of the engine cylinders, valves etc.

At Envirosafe Solutions, we are always on the lookout for creating revolutionary new green but extremely efficient solutions. In fact, that is our mission: complete eco-friendliness without sacrificing efficacy. We are 100% Australian owned and operated, and proudly so. And, we donate 2% of all our sales to Carbon Neutral to ensure a safer and greener future for our children.