Eco Friendly Ways to Make Your Chemicals Last

Eco Friendly Ways to Make Your Chemicals LastChemicals, like everything else on this earth, can degrade and fall apart. We all know what a flat beer can be like, and old food left out undergoes a similar process of degradation. While commercially made chemicals are much more stable than your average pear, there is still a process of decay which can occur with any type of chemical. That is why the environmentally friendly liquids that Envirosafe Solutions produces are so valuable. We have developed chemical solutions which are both eco friendly and industrial strength. We want our products, like our mould rid and porta-loo treatment, to last and we want you to be able to use them over a long period of time. If we could not make our chemicals potent over time, we would quickly go out of business.

What can you do for your chemicals which are NOT from Envirosafe Solutions?

Keep chemical in an insulated environment. Harsh temperature changes, or even regular household or daily temperature changes, can strongly affect chemicals and change their molecular composition. Ask anyone who has accidentally left their cologne or perfume next to a heat source. Temperature changes can wreak havoc on a chemical compound that is meant to be “stored in a cool, dark place.”

Keep chemical in dry, cool environment. Many chemicals are designed to be stored in warehouses until need for their use arises, or in storage facilities, both of which are cool and dark. Storage places are designed for leaving your chemicals in for long periods of time, so they tend to be dark, and they tend to have very little airflow. Chemical manufacturers know this, and design their products accordingly.

Keep chemical pure. Unless expressly and specifically directed by the manufacturer, abstain from mixing your chemicals with other chemicals. Normal household products can be combined to create mustard gas, for instance, and few people know these convenient little facts. Always keep your chemicals in their original form, and do not mix them with any other chemicals unless specifically directed by your manufacturer. If you have ANY questions or concerns about this process, call the manufacturer and ask very direct and explicit questions. It is better to be safe than sorry.

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