Let Dead Things Lie

Mineral Deposit RemoverWe often do not get to see an example of someone rejoicing over something dead, but many gardeners see the beauty and purpose behind dead things. Dead trees, rotting wood, compost, and mulch all have very real, very valuable and specific purposes. Dead trees provide homes for animals and insects which, in turn, fertilize and help spread the pollen of all of your plants. Rotting wood is used by both insects and soil to as compost and food. Compost is highly nutritious earth in which plants can grow easily and get all of the nutrition they need. Mulch is highly variable and very valuable in many different settings, used as ground cover in winter, and is also used for ground cover before plants come up.

As you can see, dead things have very real and very effective uses, which means that people should not be so eager to get rid of all of their dead things right away. Often, having a little variety in your landscape brings it character and, underneath what the eye can easily discern, also makes the land much hardier. This does not necessarily mean that you should neglect everything, all of the time, but it does mean that a large amount of neglect and working WITH nature, rather than against it, can make your business, gardens, and landscapes far more attractive, realistic looking rather than unnaturally tailored, and far more pleasing to the eye.

Let dead things lie. Unless they are attracting problem animals, make sure that all of your dead growth is being put to good use.

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