Bhurj Khalifa: Above the Clouds

Bigger, better, faster, and taller: we humans have been engaged in a continuous endeavourDishwasher Powder to create the super special. One such area in which we have progressed in leaps and bounds is the construction of super tall buildings such as the Bhurj Khalifa. At a staggering height of 828m above the ground, the towering structure is truly awe inspiring and a sight that drives out our breath. But beyond the sheer height, the Bhurj Khalifa is a striking example of sustainable green practices. When we examine the design, the building materials and the functionality, we become truly aware of the environmental friendly aspects of this wonder.

With 160+ floors and 280, 000 sq. m of residential and office space, and a Giorgio Armani hotel, the super tall structure is indeed massive. To get an idea of the sheer size and scale of this structure, consider the fact that the condensate collection system (from air conditioning) is about 15 million gallons of water, equal to about 20 Olympic-sized swimming pools. The building is so tall that the top of the building is actually above the clouds.

The Bhurj Khalifa is a township in itself, and it is ideally suited to green solutions. Not only is its structure eco-friendly in terms of construction material, but also in terms of its energy requirements, thanks largely in part to the thermal-inertia of concrete. Since it is a township in itself, a whole range of eco-friendly solutions are available for it from Envirosafe Solutions.

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In the area of sanitation and hygiene, the disinfectants and sanitisers, drain and waste cleaners and deodorisers, and toilet treatments can lend a helping hand. And, all these fully green solutions are readily available at Envirosafe Solutions. Not only do all our Extreme Green products provide a safe and green solution, but also a fast-acting and result-oriented one.

We at Envirosafe Solutions back our products with lots of love and support. Whether yours is a small compact dwelling or a flamboyant complex, we have a green and friendly solution just right for you.