Installing Eco Friendly Toilet Facilities

Toilet Bowl CleanerEnvirosafe Solutions is primarily a business-to-business chemical solutions provider. We specialize in eco friendly liquid products which are planet safe. They are effective and useful in any project in which you might use a similar product. We provide a wide range of chemical solutions, such as our toilet bowl cleaner, our glue remover, and our disinfectant.

Naturally, there is a need to bring this eco friendly behavior into the bathroom, as well. For example, your company may have installed low water toilets and environmentally friendly toilet fixtures so that your company uses up less water in its waste disposal system. In addition to that, you will probably want to take advantage of some eco friendly industrial liquid to keep those bathrooms clean.

We recommend our eco friendly liquid products, and the ones which apply to bathrooms include glass cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, bath and tile cleaner, disinfectant, sanitiser and antibacterial hand wash. Naturally, all of these are a part of a nice, clean set of toilet facilities, and they are also safe for the environment, which brings extra punch to your business’ interest in contributing back to the planet.

Being environmentally sound is not just a matter of good mechanics or planet friendly chemicals, but it requires a combination of these things in order to achieve the desired effect in the long run. It means stepping back and looking at the whole picture, the entire mural, to see where different facets of a system can be used multiple times and with multiple functions. Any system in a business, not just the toilet facilities, should be examined in this manner. There are plenty of examples of eco friendly behavior being found in some of the simplest solutions.

It is important to not over think problems when we look at how to fix them. Sometimes, it is just more efficient to go with a simple system of cleaning, maintaining and keeping things in working order. That is where Envirosafe Solutions comes in. We are a part of something bigger, something global, in nature, and we are proud to do business which contributes to the greater good of mother earth. Every system in your business can be aided by Envirosafe Solutions. To schedule a purchase order or to just talk to us, call us today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.