New Developments in Oceanic Research

Toilet Bowl CleanerThe news all over the world is spattered with reports of how the earth’s magnetic fields have a third interlayer of magnetism between them, how the oceans are revealing detailed information about the core of the earth, and how understanding the oceans may be the key to developing sustainability on land.

Oceanic research does a lot for the world, much more than people give it credit for. The new developments being discussed are nothing compared to what oceanic research reveals on a regular basis. Study of oceans results in understanding how air travels over the face of the earth, it reveals starting conditions of weather which occurs on the other side of the world and all around it as it spins. It reveals examples of how wildlife adapts in one part of the world when it accidentally gets transferred there from another part of the world. Most importantly of all, oceanography can reveal things about the chemical reactions occurring at the core of the earth which adapt to and respond to global warming.

In other words, it’s not just people who adapting to a warmer environment. The rock, molten lava and everything else in the heart of the world is adapting to it, as well. And that’s a comforting thought.

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