Brown Earth

The warm brown earth which lies underneath paved streets, green park grounds, and many concrete corners, is welcoming and free from Glue Removerpollution. It takes a lot to pollute the ground itself, and even then, pollution often is eventually overcome by mites and living creates which turn it back into warm brown earth again.

When was the last time you went outside, found some dirt, and picked it up in your hand? Many mythologies state that we, as humans, come from the earth and from the sea. It is a dichotomy of relationships which specify that anything upon which we walk or swim was once us. There are few mythologies, if hardly any, which describe humans being born from other elements, such as fire, air, or metal. It is the earth and the ocean which are said to be our originators, and that is no joke.

In fact, when we try to become earth friendly and eco safe, a lot of us are not really consciously thinking about our fundamental reasons for doing this. Yes, we are meant to prepare the earth for future generations, which may number among the tens of billions by then. Yes, we are meant to make our current planet more sustainable for ourselves, not to mention our future great-great-great-grandchildren. Yes, we are supposed to care about the pollution which we put out and where it might go.

However, the motivation may stop there. It is not personal to us. We don’t know what the future will hold. Why bother? But, this earth, this warm brown earth, holds the bones and the bodies and the dissolution of all of our past generations. That IS personal to us.

Envirosafe Solutions encourages you to think about using eco friendly liquid products in your business, environmentally friendly liquids like ours. We know that you may already have antibacterial hand wash, glass cleaner, porta-loo treatment, or ice break. However, our goal is to make the world more sustainable by protecting it with more environmental products, like our chemical solutions. Help keep the warm, brown earth of our today, just as warm and just as brown for tomorrow: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.