Minerals in Our Food

Toilet Bowl CleanerWe are constantly admonished to eat plenty of fresh meats, fruits and vegetables. Of course, we think this is just because of the basic nutritional value they have already. However, the reality is that they also pick minerals from the earth that we would not ordinarily have. This is especially true for meat, because unless you pick your vegetables directly from the earth, they will not contain that much soil and therefore they won’t contain that many minerals. However, cows and pigs and chickens pick up plenty of minerals from the soil when they feed on their grass and seeds. That is how minerals are so high in beef and how we get minerals in our daily diets without having to go out and buy them for ourselves in pill form.

When we rebuild this earth and try to put it back into its state of lush environmental splendor, we must remember how minerals play a very important part in the food supply of both animals and people. This is why removing the feeder from the source of the animal’s food by too many steps can actually negatively affect people’s supply of nutrition. It can negatively affect their naturally occurring supply of minerals.

So, when you are looking to build a self sustaining eco system in your business’s landscape and on land that your company owns, remember that minerals are part of the eco friendly cycle and make sure that they are rich throughout the supply and feeding cycle, all the way through.

In the meantime, make sure you use chemicals which are designed with an understanding of natural processes. You will need eco friendly industrial liquid from Envirosafe Solutions and you will need a wide variety of environmentally friendly liquids, like eco friendly antibacterial hand wash, multi-purpose lubricant, rust converter, and dishwasher powder. It is important that what we do work with are safe for the environment, and that our chemical solutions are safe for the earth. That is why we recommend chemical solutions from Envirosafe Solutions. As for the minerals in your food, just be sure to fry your meat well before eating. For more products from Envirosafe Solutions, call us today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.