The Great Barrier Reef and Financial Enterprises

Glue RemoverSince dumping of dredging in proximity to the Great Barrier Reef, many environmentalists think that bankers and financial executives are the only people standing in between us and our dreams of eco friendly sustainability. Of course, this may not even be entirely relevant, because the dumping of the dredging may not be near enough to the Great Barrier Reef to actually have a negative ecological impact upon the reef. It is therefore of some importance to take a step back and to look at the situation from a more global perspective.

It may be noted in the article cited below that the writer failed to mention just how close the dumping actually is, something which has been researched and written about by other, perhaps less subjective, writers. And, in the end, will financial backing be the end of the barriers against ecological development?

Will money fix the problem?

Anybody who has done a great deal of resource management will see that it is not money itself which will fix the problem, if such a problem exists. It is the management of the money and the actual productivity which comes out of this money management which really makes an impact for either side. There must be a way to utilise your resources effectively in your own business.

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