National Forests and What You Can Do

Toilet Bowl CleanerAll over the nation, and really all over the world, national parks and forests are part of the earth’s efforts to give wildlife a habitat and to preserve the plants and growing things of the planet earth intact. Many of these state or national parks are also named after famous or heroic people to memorialize them.

When you are visiting a national forest, it is important to be a good guest. This includes doing a wide variety of things, such as always picking up any trash you leave, picking up any trash you see lying around, and helping any injured animals make it to the park office. It is also necessary to not disturb the natural habitat of too many living things. For instance, if you stumble upon a nest of birds or other animal babies, very quickly and immediately back away. It is important for the mother of those babies to not return, smell human scent on her young, and then abandon them. It is very important that you not touch young animals for the same reason. In fact, if some animal groups or herds smell you on their members, then individuals can be left behind and abandoned for that reason. There are so many different characteristics in the animal world that it is very difficult to remember or even to know all of them.

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