Huge Iceberg headed toward Shipping Lanes in the Ocean

Eco Friendly Liquid ProductsThe iceberg known as B31 broke off of an Antarctic glacier in November of 2013. Naturally, scientists from NASA and several international agencies have been keeping a close eye on it, even going so far as to drop quite a few GPS tracking devices onto it so that we can keep a better eye on it. You would think that something of this size would be easy to track, but many icebergs are difficult to tracking during the winter months, in the dark, and other various additional conditions.

B-31 is now getting closer to shipping lanes, which have been more prevalent in recent years due to increased traffic in the southern seas, which in turn is due to more advanced technology allowing us to travel further and further out into once unfamiliar territory. Scientists are particularly watchful of this area of the Antarctic, since glaciers and icebergs seem to be melting much faster here than in other areas. They are concerned that this may be one of the biggest contributing factors to sea levels rising.

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