4 Steps to Eco Chemical Use

Glue RemoverAlright, let’s say that you are attempting to switch out your current chemicals used in your business for the eco friendly industrial liquid sold by Envirosafe Solutions. Well, you will need some sort of plan to affect the change, and that means understanding what you have and where you would like to go. Here are some helpful tips on moving from your current position to the position of only using eco friendly liquid products in the care and maintenance of your business.

First, establish how much of your old chemicals you have left. It would be wasteful to simply throw out old products just because you have decided to use the newer, fresher, greener eco friendly variety. So make an inventory of what you have so that you know approximately how long it will take for each of your old individual chemicals to run out before you can start using the new ones full time.

Second, decide which products will be changed out the soonest and start planning on establishing full time use of the new chemical solutions by a specific date. Ask your janitorial staff or all of your cleanup crew approximately how fast they go through a certain amount of chemical when they clean, de-rust, maintain, etc.

Third, stick to the schedule you have created for your company workers. You may have to move deadlines around a little bit if you run out of old product sooner or later than you expected, but keep tabs on the progress. Also, consider implementing the new chemicals once a week or twice a month so that your employees can get used to working with it.

Fourth, make sure all of the environmentally friendly liquids you have acquired from Envirosafe Solutions are living up to their job. Test them, push against them, use them in various ways, and make sure they are evaluated in every way. If one of your staff members has an opinion about the new products, make a note of it.

Okay, so what kind of products does Envirosafe Solutions provide? We have disinfectant, industrial hand cleaner, graffiti remover, glass cleaner, and solvent free degreaser, and many more chemicals for your eco friendly solutions. Call Envirosafe Solutions right now: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.