Reactions to Music

Scientific studies have been done on plants reactions to music.Reactions to Music

Yes, yes, we know. That seems like an odd thing to do scientific research on. That’s okay. You can actually test out the theory in your own home, too.

Music affects us all, either in a positive or a negative way. Simplified musical theories have a less positive impact on plants than more ordered, fractal-based, classical systems. This means that, to some extent, plants grow away (but only slightly) from rock music and other simplified tonal systems, and grow toward (to a greater degree) classical music and systems with set but complex structures and organized theory.

Does that mean that green growing things hate the Rolling Stones but love Beethoven? Not necessarily. Chaotic, disorganized music such as alternative rock or Igor Stravinski is more perturbing to the potted plants. Well organized, chromatic themes such as traditional Baroque or the Beatles are much more to their liking.

Why is this?

No one really knows, but theories have been raised. One such example is that plants and trees grow along predetermined lines of organization, and that music which creates discord is less attractive to that particular form of organized growth. Either way, as long as humans love it, there is no reason to begin putting boundaries on whether a piece or genre of music is high quality or not.

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