Organic Protein Decay: The Real Worry

Organic Protein Decay: The Real WorryMany people believe that all dirt is the same, whether it is actual earth, vegetation decay, or protein decay (rotten meat). The truth is, protein decay and other forms of organic decay is perhaps one of the most poisonous processes in the world. When vegetables rot, they undergo a horrible, smelly, browning decay process. However, when meat rots, it feeds mold and growth of very real very poisonous bacteria right away. Many people who enjoy their steaks rare do not understand how safe their meat has to be kept and how fresh it must be in order for their rare cut of dinner to be anywhere close to safe.

The real worry is this organic protein decay. When it happens in human bodies, it occurs as mold, yeast infection, and a variety of squirmy, vomit-inducing symptoms which we have no need to discuss here. Rather, we would like to point out how important it is to not allow meat decay anywhere near your home, must less near eating areas. Bury pets near the fence, away from the picnic table. Throw old meat out in the garbage right before it leaves the house. Do not allow any protein products to sit in the garbage within the house overnight. Take it outside to the dumpster right away. If meat is allowed to spoil further in the trash, it can attract flies, which will produce maggots fairly quickly. Protect your meat products through refrigeration, and remember to use it sooner, rather than later. There is nothing worse than undercooked or under-refrigerated meat. Your guests or family can get quite sick from that.

When cleaning up a meat mess, remember to use high quality cleaning products like our dishwashing liquid, our insect and tar remover, and our industrial hand cleaner. These are all environmentally friendly liquids which produce a great deal of high quality solvent mixture to cut through grease, protein, bacteria, and anything else which might find it desirable to take up living on your countertop. Take a look through our website and see what you can find. You may end up checking out more than you intended. Call Envirosafe Solutions today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.