Over Complicated Societies

“Bring daddy his pipe and slippers.” A once affectionately reverent term used in simpler societies, this is now turned into a statement denoting the Over Complicated Societiessupposed subjugation of women and children on behalf of men. Of course, a happy home is created by every member of the family, including the male members, but the quaint simplicity in the above stereotype does tend to stir the heart in some ways. Societies have become very complex, not necessarily because they need to be, but because the human mind has the capability of forming extremely complex scenarios and is willing to bring that out into the realm of everyday life as…a challenge, we guess…though it seems a bit much. You see, humans are very good at over thinking things. Yes, we knew you were aware of this. But this problem has extended into our efforts to keep a clean and sustainable living environment for ourselves. The earth is not better for it, and in fact, many eco systems have been destroyed purely due to this need for complexity.

Keep it simple. We are basic creatures and we need only basic creature comforts. There aren’t very many people in the developed world who don’t have access to everything they need in order to make a better life for themselves and to bring about added luxury in addition to their goals and dreams. We all have the tools to whatever we want. Let’s use them. At Envirosafe Solutions, we have developed chemical solutions which can be a part of your regular cleanup, polishing, degreasing, disinfecting and all other cleaning activities. They are also eco friend liquid products, meaning that some of them are partially biodegradable, almost all of them are septic safe and do not require special disposal, and they all keep harsh chemical counterparts from polluting the earth. The more you chemical products from us, the less you have to use less distinguishing and less eco friendly chemical solutions. Bring your purchase orders to us. Look over our supply. Visit our website and see what we carry that you usually order for your jobsite, company, office, and home. Diesel bug killer and dishwasher rinse aid, rust converter and toilet bowl cleaner, our products make a difference in sustainability: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.