Ozone Layer and the Giant Reptiles of Yore

Ozone Layer and the Giant Reptiles of YoreScientists have found evidence that global warming and the depletion of the ozone layer may not cause as much havoc as at first believed. What’s this good news, you may ask. Well, for one thing, geologists and archeologists have found evidence of ancient plants, leaves and creatures which lived in temperatures which were on average about forty degrees hotter than projects for the year 2020. That, in and of itself, can relieve the minds of many.

Plants with leaves that have spiked edges tend to live in colder climates, and the spiked edges help to shed water from the leaf. However, plants with smooth edge leaves have been known to retain water much better, and only these types of plants have been found in very hot, arid zones in the world, like the jungles of Venezuela. Fortunately, geologists and historians have found leaves from 150 million years ago with smooth edges, and these were found by giant reptiles and amphibians (the kind that would have to “squeeze” through an office doorway), indicating that the climate must have been much hotter than it is today or will be in our lifetimes, but that the heat can still support life of all kinds. After all, reptiles and amphibians can only grow to large sizes if they are wily, strong, and do not come in contact with the cold. This would have been possible at that time.

Whatever your view on giant snakes may be, we can all rest assured a little more now that science has revealed the possibility of life after global warming. Now, all we need to do is work on our part to reduce carbon emissions, refrain from harming eco environments, and purchase eco friendly industrial liquid rather than the harsh, non-eco solutions you’ve been using.

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