Our Ningaloo

Envirosafe Solutions focus on the local West Australian natural environment.

Envirosafe Solutions, manufacturers of Extreme Green products, takes pride in its green approach to business and industry. The management team places a major emphasis on the development of effective products that are safe to use and that have a low-impact on our environment internationally, nationally and locally. And it is this local environment that requires delicate respect and protection. After all, our local environs are “our own backyard.”  And it all starts with home.

The West Australian local environment is one of unsurpassed beauty. Travel north from the capital and you are overwhelmed by the sheer beauty of the pristine coastline and all it has to offer. The fracas and hustle and bustle of the east coast of Australia is absent, and the experience is one of pure exhilaration.

Ningaloo Reef, 1200km north of Perth, is arguably the jewel in the crown of the Western Australian natural marine environment. It is Australia’s largest fringing coral reef and is uniquely positioned extremely close to land mass. This unrivalled aspect of its novel positioning makes it the only reef of its kind in the world. It is the only large reef in the world that can be accessed so easily from mainland. (At its closest it stands just 100 metres from shore and at its furthest, less than 7 km.) This contributes to its popularity as a prime destination for West Australian locals as well as eco-tourists from our own continent and beyond.

On the 7th May 1987, the area was declared a Commonwealth Marine Park and because it “is located in a transition zone between temperate and tropical waters,”[1] it sustains a vast array of plant and marine species from both these zones as well as novel geomorphic features. The reserve is also well-known for its annual migration of whale sharks. Tim Winton, West Australian author and Australian “national treasure,” described his first ever meeting with a whale shark as one of the best of his life:

“And there, out of the hazy deeps, loomed a great shadow. The water was blurry with plankton and jellyfish and this thing looked like a Zeppelin floating out of the clouds. I just couldn’t comprehend the sheer size of it….The shark blocked out the sun. I could feel the passage of it through the water as I swam on my back trying to keep pace with it until, eventually, I fell back in the turbulence of its wake. I surfaced with a whoop of exhilaration. I felt privileged to have had those few moments.

I knew I’d come to a special place, somewhere precious.”[2]

Ningaloo Reef is our Ningaloo. And the products we use at home, in our businesses and in our industries are inextricably linked in with the natural environment, locally, nationally and internationally. That is why it’s important to source and select environmentally sound products from environmentally sound companies like Envirosafe Solutions who have a comprehensive understanding of their ethical responsibilities to the environment, the planet and its inhabitants.

In 2011, we as a world community are beginning to appreciate the considerable long-term harm resulting from the use of toxic chemical products. Let’s steer ourselves towards household, business and industry best practice and source products such as those from Envirosafe Solutions that have a far-reduced impact on the beauties of our own backyard. It’s our world. Let’s look after it.

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