Malevolent Mould

It’s a fact!

Did you know airborne mould found outdoors poses little threat to human health? But source that same mould indoors in our building and internal environments, and you have a recipe for disaster. Indoor mould may have radically altered composition, and the implications for humans are alarming.[1] Respiratory problems, increased risk of asthma, skin irritations, disrupted concentration, headaches and fatigue are all symptoms of indoor mould exposure. Envirosafe Solutions understands the problem of internal-environment mould, and has developed Extreme Green GelClean Sanitiser to help combat this malevolent little fungus.

In the 2007 SBS television series “Is your House Killing You,” Dr. Peter Dingle from The School of Environmental Science at Murdoch University in WA, and Dr. Cedric Cheong, also from Murdoch University, took us through the hazards of mould infestations in homes, outlining their unsightliness, effect on the health of householders, and in particular the respiratory problems faced by younger members of a suburban family.[2]

So what can we do to address this common problem?

Successful treatment of a mould infestation requires a substance that not only eradicates mould and mildew but also restores the infected environment to a pre-mould pristine condition, free of spores and the potential to reproduce again. Extreme Green GelClean Sanitiser contains absolutely no petro-solvents or harsh acids and its viscous, super-concentrated composition means it is extremely economical to use, reducing down the drain wastage found in more fluid mould cleaning agents. In addition, it is free-rinsing and non-toxic which means it is safe to use around family and/or employees.

With a 6-12 month shelf life when stored appropriately in a cool, dry area Envirosafe Solutions’ Extreme Green GelClean Sanitiser is one of the most suitable and effective mould, mildew and residue removers on the market in Australia. And it can also be used on masonry and stone and general household or industrial areas. A dilution ratio of 1:25 will suffice and a simple broom/brush or mop and pressure washer application means it is not only effective but also extremely simple to apply and remove. Just leave for several minutes after application and then wash down.[3] Extreme Green GelClean Sanitiser will eradicate mould, mildew and grime in bathroom, toilet and refuse areas, restoring these environments to a mould-free state for your family or employees.

To purchase or enquire about Envirosafe Solutions’ Extreme Green GelClean Sanitiser, phone our sales team on 1300 88 90 70.

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[2] Is Your House Killing You? SBS Television, 2007.