Independent Eco Efforts

Independent Eco Efforts“It starts with you.” Whether you are talking about change in your neighborhood or drug control or crime prevention or eco friendly efforts, “It starts with you,” is a popular motto for many organizations or movements. The emphasis is on the fact that we are not just nameless faces in a sea of humanity, but that we as individuals have power and freedom and control over ourselves and the world around us. To many people, eco friendly efforts really do not make that much difference, and in their opinion their individual efforts make no difference at all. This is untrue, and the above moniker is meant to pull you out of that mindset. However, popular thinking continues to be aware of what it can and cannot control, and individual actions which combine with the actions of others for future progress hardly fall into realistic thought processes. It can even seem like a nice ideal, but not one that is actually achievable.

Independent eco efforts, therefore, can seem futile. It can seem as if one individual is acting on their unrealistic hopes and that things are not actually going to turn out that way. People often compare one effort with a large portion of work to be done, and this makes them give up hope. We say that it is possible to change your own world, if not the worlds of others. After all, you clean your own house, not being concerned about the homes of others. You maintain your property and vehicle and feed your family, all without also trying to control the actions of others or feed millions of other people. You believe that those actions make a difference. So it is only a half step further to imagine taking care of your own space of sustainability. No, perhaps do not maintain a lot of space for a bunch of other people. Just take care of your own sustainability, and maybe that of your family and dependents. Nothing more is required.

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