Individual Wealth Creators

Individual wealth creators are the backbone of a country’s economy. They Individual Wealth Creatorsbring in revenue and investment from other nations, they increase the value of their nation’s currency, they do not depend on free markets or trade agreements, and they rarely have to depend on anyone, because their personal business ethics are so high quality to afford them all the respect which they deserve. These individuals are good for the economic system of their nation, and they are wonderful assets to have in case of a crisis, temporary or not, of economic standards.

While free markets and competition are excellent and almost necessary for innovation to continue, they are not the sole reason for innovation. In fact, individual wealth creators cause a great deal of innovative experimentation, since they have the wherewithal to perform these social and scientific experiments, and they have the creative and individual expertise to oversee these experiments all the way to the end.

Unfortunately, when a nation finds itself floundering, it can be quite tempting for its individual wealth creators to leave and take their wealth with them…to another country. Fortunately, people tend to migrate toward Australia, rather than away from it, and our economy and currency are quite resilient, especially in light of overall global fluctuations and seemingly ensuing catastrophe. It really can make you relieved that you are not in Europe right at this very moment.

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