Farming where No One Has Farmed before

Dishwasher PowderNot every geographic location is blessed with good soil and an amenable climate. There are many parched, arid locations around the world. The people at these places have always been dependent on imports ofvegetables and other farm produce. Though water is sometimes available, all too often it is contaminated with heavy minerals or is saline. Today new path-breaking technology has brought about a sea change. The hot, dry, arid land can now be used for cultivation and that too with very limited use of water.

While the looming danger of the immediate future, that of safe, potable water, has not yet been adequately addressed, some novel green alternatives are indeed available for the parched land. The problems in these arid locations aretwo-fold: scarcity of usable water, and difficult, rugged terrain. Weat Envirosafe Solutions have come up with just the right solution for rugged terrains: our superior quality DustSuppressant and our fast penetrating SoilWetta.

Our Extreme Green DustSuppressant is highly effective, safe and economical. Ours is a specially formulated solution designed specifically for arid conditions such as in Australia. Of course, this highly effective solution is equally applicable to other arid regions such as those in the Middle East and Israel.

The Extreme Green DustSuppressant is a very lowimpact product that can be used safely to increase agricultural productivity. There may be cheaper products in the market, but we believe that none are as effectiveand economical as our Extreme Green DustSuppressant. By using our special product, not only is the free dust content reduced but also there is less evaporation and less water run-off. With a fast penetration, even diffusion andincreased compaction, this producttranslates into a very green, effective and economical solution.When we factor in the facts that this product is extremely easy to mix and use, and is useable with any type of water, rain water, bore water and saline water, the choice is abundantly clear.

In conjunction with our Dust Suppressant, you can use our very special Extreme Green SoilWetta, which too is specifically designed for rough and rugged terrains. This product very effectively and economically provides the soil wetting that is essential to the healthyfunctioning of sun-parched agricultural land.

Cultivating parched, arid and rugged terrain is now aviable option. Not only can you now become self-sufficient in your agricultural needs, but alsoincrease the eco-friendliness.

We at Envirosafe Solutions are proud to back our super eco-friendly products. We are 100% Australian owned and operated, and proudly so. And, we donate 2% of all our sales to Carbon Neutral to ensure a safer and greener future for our children.