Earth Houses

Earth HousesOne of the most eco friendly sources of living is an earth house. Sometimes, earth ships are called earth houses, but earth ships are of a specific variety of earth house, made from stacking tires and dirt and packing it all around to create a structure. Typically, earth ships have three walls made out of this construction, and the fourth wall is of glass to let in light.

Earth houses can be very simple and they can be very ornate. One of the most common types of earth house is using a hill which exists, and then carving out a hole in it, using a supporting structure of beams and wood. Sometimes, the rock or hard clay of the walls will be showing, and sometimes that, too, is covered up with wood or clay or adobe. This is a really low cost way to live in a sheltered environment which is protected from the wind and rain and which can be a benefit in cold or hot weather, when topside wooden structures are susceptible to temperature changes. Some earth homes feature rammed earth and sit topside. Some are merely surrounded by soil when they are built.

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