E-statement and E-bills Making All the Difference

Since the revolution concerning paper products and tearing down trees and how to save them, the advent of e-statements and e-bills are making E-statement and E-bills Making All the Differenceall the difference. When it comes to being eco friendly, what says it better than utilising technology to reduce paper waste and paper usage?

In fact, no one seems to know just how much the internet has saved our beautiful trees. Some estimate the saved number in the millions, some in the billions. Whatever it adds up to, we cannot discount how much technology has been able to save the sustainable resources we hold most dear. Many forestry companies are able to retain the trees they cut by certain growing and cutting methods, but there is still a great deal of need for paper products. If trees can be saved by e-statements and e-bills, then it is a worthy goal to shoot for.

On the other side of the equation, many people would prefer natural products to be used for clothing and storage containers rather than petroleum based materials. All of this is very well and good, but unless you are planning on wearing hemp or bamboo, the line must be drawn somewhere. Cotton is a good resource to specialize in, as long as the clothing is appropriate for the season and types of weather. On the other hand, wooden chests and storage containers can last many times longer than their petroleum-based counterparts, thus reducing waste and carbon emissions, as well as preserving the used tree wood for longer posterity.

It is important to remember that not everyone agrees that trees should be used for certain things. Not everyone thinks of all the different dynamics in the eco system and economic output.

However, everyone can agree that eco friendly liquid products, such as our chemical solutions, really do carry a lot of the weight. Marine glass cleaner, sanitiser, and hard water laundry liquid all are available in a planet safe format, and we here at Envirosafe Solutions are proud to say that all of our products are eco friendly, in some way, whether they are safe for your septic drainage, or partially biodegradable, or even just non-toxic to plants and animals. Chemical film should be non-damaging. Call us today to order from us: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.