Fear of Failure and Fear of Long Term Eco Growth

Fear of Failure and Fear of Long Term Eco GrowthFear of failure is one of the most powerful deterrents for accomplishing anything productive that humanity has ever created for itself. Fear of failure is so overpowering that it can lead to complete lack of function and complete lack of productivity. This is a strong emotion and it fills you up and sits you down on the earth and seems to hold you there for an indefinite period of time. How can you fight it? How can you fight back against something you don’t understand?

By the same token, fear of long term eco growth can be debilitating, as well. Many ecological entrepreneurs still think in short term mentalities. We tend to think of five to ten year intervals as being really long term, but the truth is, in ecological terms, ten years may be short term. Short term growth over a period of five to ten years can equal the average germination to adulthood of some trees, bushes, even bamboo, and many other ecological systems.

The point is to keep all of these perspectives in check with some reality therapy. Look at people who have done the same thing that you are planning to do. How successful are they? How long term have they planned their business? What do they do for cash flow? These questions must be answered in order to maintain business relations in business-to-business sales, and in order to attract customers and know what to expect from beginning sales and area dynamics.

Now, Envirosafe Solutions put together the researchers first and came up with some really high quality chemical solutions before mass distributing them, making promises, etc. Our eco friendly industrial liquid is meant to fulfill the role of traditional name brand cleaners, while also being safe for the earth, your septic system, and just being safe in general. What do we carry? Mould rid, dishwasher powder, fabric conditioner, and laundry powder are some, to name a few, of the eco friendly liquid products we distribute. As for the fear of long term growth, there is a lot to risk when starting a business, but thankfully, we have held our heads above water for some time now and are well established. Invest in the future of Australia: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.