Don’t Burn the Grass!

Pasturing is the art and science of keeping pasture lands sustainable, well watered and well covered in grass and critters which feed on everything. Without proper pasturing, livestock can overfeed on the grass before they are told to move on, grass can grow too tall and too wild, or the beginnings of desertification can occur because livestock is not allowed to properly fertilize the grass before it moves on to new pastures.

In fact, misunderstanding about how to care for soil, grass, pasture lands and basic wild areas of growth has reached such a point that grass is burned down in order to create room for new growth. Unfortunately, one fact has been left out of the life cycle of good, healthy pastures.

Grass needs to be fertilized.

Also, the best fertilization is that which nature can provide, and has been providing, for thousands of years.

That means that the livestock must be handled in such a way that they can eat and then fertilize the grass, and then the herd moves on to somewhere else. Pasture planners discovered this philosophy by studying how herds moved in the wild. What a novel idea! Now, by burning the grass, immense pasture lands in Africa and other parts of the world are taken over by desertification. In order to get abundance out of the land, proper pasturing must be renewed.

By the same token, chemical solutions must deliver the promise that they make, while also not causing more problems at the same time. When you are cleaning your floors, you must be able to get it clean all of the way, while also not leaving behind a lot of sticky or toxic chemical residue.

Enter a product about which we are very proud: Our solvent free degreaser.

We carry other things, too, such as marine glass cleaner, dishwasher powder, and disinfectant. However, we are always careful that our chemical solutions do not just fix one problem while causing another at the same time. We are careful that our eco friendly liquid products are productive and tidy all at once.

Now, you may not be into pasturing right now, but you probably still need to keep your business, your jobsites, and your home clean. Well, we are here for you. Call Envirosafe Solutions today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.