Paperwork and Paper Waste

Paperwork and Paper WasteDid you know that the more you dread doing paperwork the more paper you are likely to waste? The same is true for the use of any type of resource. A carpenter uses less wood when they are confident and anticipate exactly how they will use the materials that they have. However, in moments of doubt and fear, then wood and other materials are often stocked in excess, just in case of a mistake. When doing paperwork, you run one copy one time when you already know what you are doing and feel confident doing it. However, when you are nervous, dreading it, or believe that you may mess up at some point, you are far more likely to run off multiple copies of an entire document rather than just one page and you are more likely to, indeed, make those mistakes.

If you are particularly conscious of the how much paper waste you contribute to the earth, you may wish to rethink how you go about filing taxes, doing company paperwork, filling out forms, etc.

First, you must picture what materials you will need to fill out the paperwork, including your own identification information and so on. Once you have everything gathered together, go ahead and fill out whatever information comes easily. Make a note of blank areas, and move on to the next page in the paperwork.

Next, determine what you will need in order to fill out the rest, make sure it’s all right in front of you, and finish completing the paperwork. Mark the completion process by stapling or clipping papers together afterward and placing it in its proper place for later use. Don’t forget to clean up.

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