Chemical Cleanup

Chemical CleanupChemical cleanups can be especially messy. They can also be especially dangerous. If employees are not careful, they can spread harmful chemicals to areas where they will be abrasive or downright destructive to the materials in question. It’s a bit like trying to clean a nice wood floor with harsh solvent. The harsh, non-eco chemicals of today can also be dangerous to humans in a couple of ways.

First, respiratory problems can be originated from being about cleaning chemicals for too long. When you are using harsh cleaning chemicals, then you may be breathing in gases which are toxic or abrasive to your lungs, which in turn infect your body, and you must pay a lot to get yourself repaired. Using harsh, non-eco chemicals can be very expensive, health-wise, in the long run.

Secondly, harsh chemicals can get on the hands and, over time, inside of the hands and into your bloodstream. This is why cleaning crews and janitorial staff can have a wide variety of illnesses which are caused by increased exposure to the chemicals which are necessary to their jobs! Well, that is not very good, and it can become even more expensive to you, because your business may help pay for any medical expenses which your employees have! So, it is costing them and it is costing you.

You’ve had enough, already.

Now, look at the gentle but highly effective cleaning power from the environmentally friendly liquids distributed by Envirosafe Solutions. We have eco friendly solvent free degreaser, hard water laundry liquid, fuel conditioner, and toilet bowl cleaner, not to mention a wide variety of other chemicals, like our dust suppressor. We are determined to make chemical cleaning a non-toxic, eco friendly process, and we have succeeded enormously.

When you are looking to buy new chemicals for your business, remember the health and safety of your staff. Remember how much you help with your employees’ healthcare. Remember that your business is eco friendly. Use our eco friendly liquid products and place regular orders with us, replacing your orders to companies with harsh, toxic equivalents. We are better. Our products are better. Invest in us. Call Envirosafe Solutions today to find out more: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.