Combining Healthy Children and Eco Sustainability

Solvent Free DegreaserHow can you be more eco friendly and get your kids to do your yard work for you? We’re glad you asked! All joking aside, researchers are now actually studying how children respond to the physical labor of outdoor gardening, planting, digging, weeding, yard work, and other land-based tasks for which they were given five minute intervals of working and resting.

Digging and raking were the highest intensity activities, following by weeding, pulling, and other more labor intensive, followed by low intensity activities, such as water, trimming, and pulling off dead debris from the plants.

Kids and the outdoors have always been the perfect pair, the dream couple, of growing up. Children love to hike and explore and paint and dig and check out new things and new situations. Kids love to bring the outdoors inside and create their own forts, complete with actual foliage and leaves to eat as emergency rations. The whole thing is very kid friendly!

When your children are working hard out in the garden, they are able to see firsthand how the different eco systems work together, and why animals and plants important for the environment and the earth in which they live. Children are agile creatures with agile minds, and they quickly soak up all of the knowledge about composting and digging and planting and watching bugs that you have to give to them. It is very important that your kids understand ecological sustainability, and this is the perfect way to get them thinking about the earth directly, rather than indirectly!

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