Offering Eco and Non Eco Options

Rubber RemoverSome printing companies, in their checkout process, offer paper which is eco friendly and also paper which is just your normal, run-of-the-mill paper kind. Now, you would think that such a company would just use eco friendly paper, advertise this everywhere, and do both themselves and the planet a great service!

Actually, this would not be good business.

Since printing companies must cater to such a wide audience for such a wide variety of needs, they have to provide both eco friendly and non eco friendly paper options. This is because their customer base could be anyone…anyone at all.

When a company advertises that they only carry eco friendly products, this is a good thing, as long as there are no options which might be desired by the customer. Some people prefer to pay less for cheaper paper and to not worry about the planet at all.

Clearly, Envirosafe Solutions knew that we would have some problem getting our product out if there were not enough people who wished to buy eco friendly chemical solutions. Fortunately, since our chemicals are so effective, it doesn’t really matter if they are eco friendly or not, not even to people who usually don’t buy eco friendly items.

Businesses have to use things like solvent free degreaser and mineral deposit remover to maintain their warehouses, machinery, manufacturing equipment, and their tools. This is already the case, and they will already spend whatever money they need to in order to buy something which works really well for the price. That is why we here at Envirosafe Solutions are so proud of the fact that our products are completely effective and usable. We carry dishwasher powder, diesel bug killer, and antibacterial hand wash, all of which are used by most warehouses or manufacturers to keep things in order. On top of that, we distribute a wide variety of other eco friendly industrial liquids, in case you need any of them, as well. Sometimes, it is better to offer both eco and non eco friendly options, but that is not the case with Envirosafe Solutions. Our job is to make the most of your business while also being safe for the planet. Call us today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.