Bearing Burdens and Building New Muscles

Eco FriendlyThere are many religious, philosophical and political idealistic views which deal with the idea of bearing burdens and building muscles. In the pro-work regimes, it is listed that your soul and your sense of self is strengthened and made whole by work. In the anti-work movements, it is said that you must learn how to think smarter, not harder.

Well, which is it? Which method has the most value?

The author does not believe in “either/or” situations, but rather in “win/win” situations. People should be able to get the best of both worlds. We should be able to do what we love to do, and to be given as much freedom as we want to do it. That would encompass the best of both worlds. We would be able to use our minds and our bodies going full steam ahead with what we love.

What is wrong with that? Can it even be improved upon?

When we build new muscles, first the old muscles must be torn up, from top to bottom, with little tiny microscopic tears, in order for these to heal and then build into newer, better, stronger muscles. In other words, the only way that burdens can be born is through the initial pain, tearing up of and healing of old muscles in order to create new muscles which can carry these burdens.

Isn’t that a great analogy for our global efforts to improve the ecological safety of the world?

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