Breaking the Ice

Any industry where large scale refrigeration is used, is aware of the problems associated with ice build-up.  As fluids are spilled in cool rooms and refrigeration areas, these convert to ice sheets and solids that are annoying, obstructive and unsafe. Ice build ups also contribute to increased energy consumption and electricity bills because as the ice builds up, motors need to work harder to maintain cool temperatures in storage units and cool room areas.

Envirosafe Solutions produces a quality ice breaker product that is non-biocidic and far safer to use than other ice breaks on the market.  The Extreme Green Ice Break contains only user-friendly non-hazardous solvents which are less harmful than harsher chemically based ice-breaks. It contains absolutely NO ethers or chlorides associated with other brands, and this means minimal risk to the operator and to the equipment. User friendly not only means increased safety in the workplace, but reduced cost and outgoings.  With Extreme Green Ice Break there is no need for layers and layers of expensive protective equipment and clothing, and this translates to increased efficiencies in terms of time taken for task done, a reduction in cost in relation to hazard protection clothing expenditure, and disruptions to work schedules in the affected cool room or refrigeration area.

One of the central benefits of this product is its rapid-action reaction with the ice surface. Once Extreme Green Ice Break is applied, the process of dismantling the iced area can begin within minutes. Because of its low toxicity it is also safe to use around foodstuffs, which means its use and application in rural and agricultural sectors is safe and effective.

It is specifically designed to remove “stain encrusted ice in cool rooms and chiller unit, as well as ice formed from water spills and staining,” which means your environments will not only be slip-free, but will present as fresh and clean as new.[1] Additionally, this product is simple and easy to use. Just follow the directions and apply with an atomizer, a brush or a broom. There’s no need for hours of waiting…just give it two or three minutes of contact time and then begin the process of brushing or wiping off.  It’s also extremely versatile and can be applied to a myriad of surfaces including glass, concrete, metals including steel and aluminium, painted surfaces and even plastic and Perspex.

And because it is safer to use than other ice breaks, it is easier to clean up and dispose of.

If you require a product that can reduce ice-build ups and stain encrusted frozen areas in your cool rooms and refrigeration units, then Extreme Green Ice Break is ideal for you and your business.

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