Beach Erosion on the Australian Front

Beach Erosion on the Australian FrontBeach erosion, just like all other forms of soil erosion, occurs when there is nothing covering the sand and holding it down or preventing it from being washed away. Beach front in Australia is especially important, valuable, and is sometimes being quickly eroded! Why is this and what can you do about it?

First of all, please understand that it would be nearly impossible to undo the erosion process which has already begun on some famously eroding areas. We will explain why in a minute. The point of this article is to help you understand how it erodes, and how you can be aware of it happening in the future. There is no attempt being made to correct the past. Here is why.

Once the sand or soil has been loosened by industrial processes, building and/or cleaning of land, the ocean pulls this loose sand back out to the sea. Now, some sediment can be retained if the land has a low slope, vegetation grows, and no parts of the land mass continent/island have been exploded in order to set up building or other operations. However, if any of those factors are present, then sediment is more easily swept out to sea, and in cases of extreme beach erosion on Australia, all three factors are present.

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