Airing Your Property Compost

There is a common misunderstanding about what it takes to make good, sweet smelling composted soil. William Bryan Logan discusses this in his iconic book Dirt: The Airing Your Property CompostEcstatic Skin of the Earth. Compost is not something which you should box up and to which you should deny air.

No, instead, you should upturn it on a regular basis so that plenty of air can get to all parts of the compost. That does not mean that you should dry it out or put it into some sort of highly unnatural airing system or modification device. No, nature will do her own work, thank you very much.

Instead, if you own property and are doing your own compost, be sure to look up “The Compost Man,” a legendary figure who started a composting movement within and outside of cities, using this turning aerating technique. The point is not so much to use an aerator as it is to turn the soil and expose different parts of it to the earth and slime below and different parts to the air above. When used effectively, worms in these composting zones can turn millions of pounds of earth in a year. The trick is to let it rest for a while, and then turn it, and repeat this process over and over until the worms and critters have turned a pile of trash into sweet, life smelling soil.

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