Zero Gravity Moon Destinations

This futuristic article is brought to you by Envirosafe Solutions, and we are happy to fill your head with new ideas about bringing eco friendly Toilet Bowl Cleanerendeavors to another satellite in the solar system. No, we are not being silly. Well, okay, we are, but it will be worth the ride, we promise.

Now, buckle your seatbelts and keep your arms and legs inside of the rollercoaster the entire time. Here we go!

Imagine being able to travel to the moon on a regular basis. You hop a plane, it takes you to Beijing or London or New York City. You hop a shuttle and it takes you to the moon. Now, you weigh a lot less on the moon, due to the lower gravity surface, so you will probably eat a lot more since you can. Won’t that be fun?

You’ll rent a moon-mobile, and you’ll drive around all the craters and visit the earth watching sites to look at the earth through telescopes. You’ll probably eat at your favorite lunar restaurant and go to bed in the Hotel Crater, which is like the Hilton, but with slightly floating beds. You’ll sleep, literally, as light as a feather.

After your moon vacation is nearing its end and you’ve partied your heart out, you will probably want to know how the locals live. They will show you their factories and science labs and favorite boutiques, and you’ll notice that they are using some cleaning chemicals which look familiar. Yep, they are using eco friendly industrial liquid from Envirosafe Solutions, just like your business uses on earth. People on the moon have to be eco friendly, too.

Business goes on as usual on earth, and it is picking up on the moon. Moon people use earth as some of their examples, and that includes how to preserve their lovely new low gravity area. Eco friendly liquid products, like our glass for your lunar vehicles and our mineral deposit remover to get all that pesky crater dust off, are the new way to go. Call us today to order: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.