Wildlife Parks and the Art of Self Teaching

We all learn a lot from animals and we learn even more from just watching them and being around them all the time. Animals have a very easyDishwasher Rinse Aid time of it, and they always have good solutions for dealing with their problems, even after they get into fights. While humans have long memories, hold grudges for a long time, and can’t seem to help fighting about everything, animals have a nice, organized pecking order, and if anyone decides to challenge the leader, they get a fair chance and the strongest and most competent animals always win.

Well, that sounds simple enough. Yeah, right, that’s just a theory. Humans can’t do that!

The thing about being around an animal all the time is that they start to rub off on you and they learn from your behavior and you learn from theirs. They retain their objective view of the world, they retain their love for you if you treat them well, and they show undying loyalty for you if you treat them really well.

It’s too bad that humans can only make a theory out of animal behavior, rather than turning it into a reality.

Fortunately, there is one way we can truly mimic them, and it doesn’t involve any self control or adherence to any sort of difficult decisions or choices. Whew! What a relief! What can this possibly be?

Animals leave their dung all over the forest floor and all over the ground wherever they are. They fertilize the ground, even if they eat from it or hunt on top of it. They return to the earth whatever they take from it, and they do so in a perfect cycle. Of course, you don’t want to go fertilizing your garden in that matter, but you get the point. Animals give back to the land.

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