Wildlife and Injuries On the Go

Wildlife and Injuries On the GoOften, people do not think of a green chemical solutions company when they picture themselves hiking in the great outdoors or camping out in the wilderness. They do not often consider sustainable chemicals when they think of roasting marshmallows over a fire or going swimming in or fishing on a river. And when they see themselves curling up with their lover under a vast canopy of stars with the ocean roaring in the background, their minds are rarely diverted to thinking of ways to bring eco friendly cleaning products to their next wildlife experience.

After all, what do the two have in common?

Actually, having eco friendly disinfectant and green laundry powder can be two of the smartest things you bring with you on your hiking and camping trip. If you are scratched by a thorn or bush, if a wild animal scratches you a little bit, or if you need to sterilize a cut on a falling injury, you will definitely need disinfectant.

Injuries on the go happen all the time. You don’t want to have to lie up and hope your infection doesn’t spread while your girlfriend is skinny dipping in the lake. You will want to disinfect yourself and get on with your fun activities!

In addition to this, if you have changes of clothing or laundry which need to be washed in the river, you would not want to spend your time washing them with laundry liquid which can potentially harm the wildlife in or near the river! After all, you are trying to enjoy the great outdoors, not affect it! Well, the solution is our eco friendly laundry powder or hard water laundry liquid. We also provide our green disinfectant and other environmental cleaning products, most of which are intended for worksite, office, or home use, and some of which would be delightful for an excursion in the wilderness. Look around our website. We’d love to hook you up with some high quality environmental cleaning products. Give us a call: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.