Weeds and Garden Troubles

Let’s say you have a nice natural garden, ready for picking and eating. Then the bugs comeWeeds and Garden Troubles and then the weeds come and then there is dust flying in the wind and being carried off. Our Soil Wetta will allow the ingress of water while your seedlings are growing, while your plants are taking root, and even after your garden is covered with vegetation it will help trapwater in the soil. Soil Wetta also acts as a dust suppressor, so that you can keep your garden, patio, crops, and all planted areas from being blown away, and then subsequently hollowed out by the lack of dirt.

Root systems are great for this type of thing, since roots keep topsoil and deeper layers of earth together and in one place. Plants prevent wind from reaching the soil as much, and they cover the ground so that rain must filter through vegetation before it can reach the soil. This, in turn, keeps soil from washing away. Now, rainstorms are still not as damaging to large unplanted areas as wind, since rain moves soil gradually and piles up in layers according to gravity. However, wind can blow topsoil off and wreak all kinds of damage before the earth finally lands somewhere.

Soil Wetta, is not the only type of eco friendly liquid product which we have here at EnviroSafe Solutions. We also carry mould rid, rubber remover, radiator coolant, and mineral deposit remover. We have a wide variety of different types of chemical solutions, not just for your agricultural use, but for your machine and engine care, laundry cleaning, and dish cleaning. Glass cleaner is available, both regular and marine glass cleaner.

At Envirosafe Solutions, we want you to use our products in your daily activities, so we provide very common chemicals for everyday home, gardening, office, and jobsite use. We are a business to business company which provides bulk industrial chemicals to large companies. Join the following today and give us a call:(+61) 1300 88 90 70.