There’s Something about Watering Bamboo

Antibacterial Hand WashThere is a certain type of bamboo plant in China which is grown by people who really understand how to grow and care for this bamboo. You see, not all bamboo plants are the same or behave the same during their growing cycle, just as not all cedar trees are the same or behave the same in their growing cycle.

This particular type of bamboo needs seven years of growth. No, this is not a story out of the Bible, but it sure can sound it to some people, it is so unusual. First, the bamboo is planted. Then, it is watered and fertilized, fertilized and watered, over and over again, for these seven years.

Now, the interesting characteristic of this particular type of bamboo is that it will barely grow at all for the first six years. Then, on the seventh year, it shoots up and towers above everything else. It achieves all of its growth in the seventh year, but it still needs to be watered and fertilized every year before that.

If, for one year, it was not watered or fertilized enough, it may not or will not grow on the seventh year…or ever. It is the steady and continuous supply of nutrients which makes the plant eventually spring up out of the ground and shoot toward the sky.

To miss one season is to risk seven years worth of investment and planning.

That is a lot of patience and understanding which is required in order to make this happen.

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