The Measure of Time

Diesel Bug KillerTime comes in many forms. Yes, we all know that time is on a linear basis in our worlds, but the truth is that we can often learn from our mistakes and remember our successes by using time in a nonlinear way.

Yes, that is precisely what memory does. It takes the linear form of time away from it. It shows you that you can plan for the future, guide your decisions by looking at past data, and remember all of the good times in your life. In this way, time is most definitely NOT linear.

The measure of time is interesting. What makes time measurable? We use clocks to precisely divide the days into smaller and smaller segments, and we use segments of months to determine our billing cycles and our income cycles. We pay attention to things on the weekend which we would not normally notice during the week. We have given strong significance to certain segments of time, and less importance to other segments of time, seemingly arbitrarily sometimes.

Now we come to the time of eco friendly behavior. What determines how our world is treated? It is often stated that if we do not control our emissions soon, that we will run out of resources. Is that true? What determines the time factor in this case? What makes times so incredibly important to the sustainability of our planet? If we can change and adapt to new environments, isn’t the whole world doing the same thing?

It is possible to make a difference on the planet without having to be concerned about the time factor. If you regularly use eco friendly liquid products in your company, such as our mould rid or hard water laundry liquid or rust remover, then you are contributing to chemical usage which is less harmful to the planet. If you do this on a regular basis, then you are making these contributions more and more important. The efforts of your investment compound on each other. Your business starts really making a difference in the world, and yet you may not even be aware of it. Now, that is what we call good service: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.