The Ten Thousand Reasons Why

Fabric ConditionerTen thousand reasons are needed by some people who are given the sermon about who they should support politically as far as green movements goes. These reasons will, in fact, answer all of their questions, and they may even come away convinced. However, what is needed are not all of the answers, but instead an attitude change.

When someone has the right attitude, they give themselves and everyone around them a break from all of the drama which necessarily follows in the wake of the “ten thousand reasons” why something should be a certain way. Is this getting confusing yet? Let’s look at an example.

If someone you know needs a lot of convincing in order to be sold on the eco friendly idea, then you may not be dealing with someone who is actually uninformed and is actually looking for more information. You may be dealing with a stubborn person who really does not wish to be convinced and who is using their attitudes about you to confirm their own notions about what to think.

If they already consider you a pushy person, then it would be helpful to them to see all people who are green as pushy people, and that helps confirm their notion that they should not, indeed, be eco friendly.

Of course, you don’t have to do any convincing at all. You can simply go quietly about your business and let your actions and purchases do your talking for you. When competitors come into your business, they will find Envirosafe Solutions under your bathroom storage shelves. They will see that your staff uses plenty of environmental cleaning products from Envirosafe Solutions, like our glass cleaner, bath and tile cleaner, and toilet bowl cleaner. Your competitors may even travel as far as your jobsite where they will see your use of solvent free degreaser and mineral deposit remover from Envirosafe Solutions. They will feel left behind in the competition. They will want to mimic you. They will want to be as earth conscious as you are. Now, that’s a good reason why: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.