The Sight of New Color

Solvent Free DegreaserHave you ever planted a new colored flower in your garden? Do you remember how different it made the whole garden look? Of course, environmentalists are trying to make the planet a better place, but many of us have not been alive long enough to remember what the planet really looked like in the early 1900’s. For that reason, we may know what we are fighting for, but we may really not understand what the end result is meant to look like.

The sight of new color is incredible. There is a new energy, a new spirit in it that makes your heart jump every time you see it. If you had always used reds and yellows before and you drive into a blue flowered home site from your next grocery shopping trip, you will see how different it makes the place look, and how good you feel when you notice the change. Of course, if you change your flowers every year, then you already know this feeling well.

When it comes to the planet, we are used to the vast stretches of desert and the high winds and the infrequent and too violent thunderstorms. We are used to not growing new things, particularly food items, in our yards, nor taking care of the green growing things we already possess on our land. We are used to watching numerous shows about how the planet is going to the devil, and we believe that it is, without really remembering how it used to be in the first place.

The sight of new color is amazing. And, when the planet becomes more eco friendly, it will be magical because it will redefine our current existence. We don’t remember how it used to be and the new layers of green in the future will delight us beyond all comparison.

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