The Power of Eucalyptus Oil

Our beloved Eucalyptus is an unmistakable Australian icon, and one of this country’s best-known exports. The gumtree is easily recognisable as the home of the Koala and the subject of much Australian folklore. Yet despite its mythological status in Australia, surprisingly few people appreciate the the true power and wide-ranging applications of Eucalyptus. Inside the leaves of these majestic trees lies one of the most potent natural agents found anywhere in the world.

Over the years, Eucalyptus Oil has proven effective in cleaning products, disinfectants and sanitisers – not to mention a wide range of natural medicinal applications. Eucalyptus oil is a perfect example of the natural power that we utilise in our products at Envirosafe Solutions.

Eucalyptus Oil is a natural biocide and antibacterial ingredient.[1] Eucalyptus-based soaps, handwashes, sanitisers and dental care products have gained enormous popularity in recent times, as people increasingly recognise the numerous benefits and lack of harmful side-effects. Natural disinfectant solutions like Eucalyptus mitigate the need to use alcohol or toxic chemical-based products in the workplace.

Eucalytptus Oil is also a known pesticide and insect repellent.[2] A Eucalyptus-based cleaning product will keep your workplace or commercial kitchen clean and healthy, while deterring the creepy crawlies at the same time.

The essential oil of the Eucalyptus leaf is a powerful antibacterial agent, both outside and inside the human body. Most people will be familiar with Eucalyptus cough drops and vapour solutions. Eucalyptus Oil is a common treatment for colds and is known to attack bacteria in the respiratory system.[3] The amazing health potential of Eucalyptus oil has long been recognised in the field of aromatherapy.

This is really an incredible multi-purpose tool, and it grows right in our own backyards. At Envirosafe Solutions we use Eucalyptus Oil in our products to dazzling effect. We believe that we can harness the power of nature to deliver the results that Australian businesses need. And luckily, we’re in a  pretty good place for it. There’s no better place on Earth to take advantage of Eucalyptus Oil’s extraordinary cleaning properties.

This great brown land of ours is abundant in natural goodness, so why not use it? We’re constantly exploring new possibilities with Eucalyptus Oil and other organic cleaning agents, in the firm belief that green products are the future for Australian industry. For more information on how Envirosafe Solutions makes use of natural ingredients like Eucalyptus Oil, please contact us on 1300 88 90 70.