The Goal of Every Tree

The Goal of Every TreeEvery tree wants to do two things: stretch its roots deeper and further into warm mother earth and reach ever wider and higher to experience as much sky as possible.

We could learn a lot from the humble tree.

With humans, our roots are formed in many ways, but very specific ways. Human roots are found in knowledge, life experience, self awareness, and understanding. We read books, take classes, visit our family, laugh together, play in the rain, and make observations in order to grow our roots. We read all kinds of good texts on philosophy, and then we form our own opinions. We make observations about the world around us, and then seek to understand what kind of experiences we each would like to have.

When it comes to reaching for the sky, humans gain longer and wider branches by indulging in life experience, travel, new experiences, visiting landmarks, interacting at parties and other social events, and through touching the world around us. We reach for the sky by setting high goals and focusing on them to the exclusion of everything else until we can touch the air around us. We believe in miracles. We believe in hope. We believe in each other.

Forming lasting bonds with ecological safety is really important, because it gives us insight into how we ourselves can be more self sufficient and independent. It helps us to understand how nature works so that we can then understand how to mimic it and become self sustainable ourselves. The proof is in the pudding. Nature is resilient, and so we should learn to be more resilient. Nature adapts, and so we adapt.

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