The Eco Efficiency of Cooking from Scratch

The Eco Efficiency of Cooking from ScratchCooking from scratching is forming a recipe to cook or bake from raw ingredients. No cake mixes or pre made items here. Cooking from scratch is the best way to get good food on your table, as long you follow the recipe precisely, and it is super cheap, too.

In fact, cooking from scratch is one of the cheapest ways to cook in the world. While there are some pre made foods which can be even better tasting than good home cooking, the truth is, there is very little to beat the taste of it. And buying the ingredients takes a lot less money than you would think. In fact, buying ingredients and cooking with them can reduce your food bill to less than ten percent of the cost of pre made food.

Being eco friendly means not only looking after your money, but also looking out for good resources. Well, buying pre made food actually encourages packaging and shipping which involves more fuel and more petroleum based packaging materials. It is also filled with preservatives which actually slow decay, thus making the product less biodegradable. It would not be worth as much in your compost heap. Furthermore, pre made products do not last as long in your body and create less energy in ratio to the amount of energy it takes to digest it. This means that, in order to fill your tummy, you will be paying for more fuel to transport pre made food to your store than if it was raw fruits and vegetables and raw ingredients for cooking, all of which is utilized almost completely by your body’s energy system and which fills you up a lot more quickly.

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