Take Accountability for Your Emissions

Eco FriendlyWhen people hear about emissions, they often think of their carbon footprint, and how much carbon dioxide they are leaking into the environment. However, emissions encompass a variety of possibilities, and it is therefore important to keep track of what you create on every level. For example, leaking certain basic household products into the water supply can severely damage both drinkable water and the surrounding eco systems which live in and around the water supply.

Your emissions include your chemical outflow, and the repercussions can include anyone from affecting the globe as a whole and affecting other people to just affecting how much money you spend on your septic maintenance every year. Plumbing costs and everything else can skyrocket when your chemicals are not disposed of properly.

When checking out our Extreme Green line of products, be sure and check each product webpage for information concerning septic safety. Each of our products is evaluated for septic safety, we wish to show you how good our products can be for your internal system, speaking on the level of the plumbing and sewage and where your chemicals may be dumped or disposed of.

Check out some of the offerings which are available. We have insect and tar remover, which is handy for vehicles, as well as diesel bug killer, and antibacterial hand wash. Our products are also sometimes biodegradable, and each product webpage will take that into account, too, so that you are fully informed on each, individual purchase that you make. Our multi-purpose lubricant is handy for any of your lube needs, and our rust converter is great handling some of the stickier situations.

Your emissions, when using our products, are reduced. Your emissions would be carefully regulated and under control. It is important to remember that all forms of emissions must be accounted for. This is our earth, and nobody else’s. This is our land, and this is our responsibility. Take some pride in your operations by exploiting our eco friendly liquid products. We even serve the agricultural industry specifically with some of our products. Call us today for more information or visit our website and see just how specific your options really are:(+61) 1300 88 90 70.