Extreme Green Laundry Powder

Few people who’ve lived in urban areas their whole lives would appreciate the domestic difficulties faced by remote Australians. For city-dwellers, doing the laundry is a simple matter of loading the machine and pressing the button. They don’t have to think about the effects of hard water on the clothes, or mineral and calcium levels interfering with the laundry detergent.

But these are genuine concerns for people living off the water grid. Envirosafe Solutions has formulated a new laundry liquid that’s designed specifically for remote area use in the mining camps of the Northwest. This formulation was created after requests from miners in the camps – they were experiencing rashes and itchiness from the chemicals the products they were using contained. Furthermore they did not get a clean wash because the same chemicals could not handle hard water washing. Heavy mineralisation in remote areas can severely hinder the ability of ordinary laundry powers to get your clothes properly clean. With Extreme Green Laundry Powder we’ve boosted the level of optical brighteners and grease-eating surfactants, resulting in a product with cleaning power second to none. This is the tough laundry liquid for tough Australian conditions.

At the same time, Extreme Green Laundry Powder has been delicately engineered to work in harmony with your sewage treatment plant, biomass or septic system. Say goodbye to clogged sullage ponds and slow treatment plant response. These problems are often caused by phosphate-rich laundry liquids, and can slow down your waste treatment system enormously. We know how serious this problem can be, and have designed Extreme Green Laundry Powder to ensure this will never be an issue.

To achieve this, we’ve massively reduced the phosphate levels in this product. Phosphates feed the algae and bacteria that clog your system, so a smart laundry liquid for remote areas needs to get the job done without relying on such chemicals. Envirosafe Solutions has re-invented the whole process, replacing phosphates with environmentally-friendly boosters that work with your sewage system, not against it. You no longer need to trade off effective laundry washing against waste management. Now you can have both.

Extreme Green Laundry Powder is gentle on your land, and gentle on your body too. A lot of harsh laundry liquids can leave residue on the clothing which leads to irritation and skin rashes, but this isn’t something you need to worry about with Extreme Green Laundry Powder. The all-natural ingredients in this product will treat your skin as gently as they treat your clothes. The only thing Extreme Green Laundry Powder will damage is dirt – and that’s our guarantee.

Envirosafe Solutions is working hard for remote Australia. You deserve all the same conveniences and options as the city folk, and we provide the products to make this possible. For more information on the Envirosafe range of laundry liquids, please contact us on 1300 88 90 70.